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​Dr. Sean Orr

The Second Edition is available now!

In today’s ambitious and competitive world, we are taught that hard work is the only path to success. Taking time for ourselves is seen as selfish, lazy, or weak, and considered the number one reason for failures of all sorts. Without question, a strong work ethic is important. But what happens when hard work is all you have left? With your relationships neglected, your free-time non-existent, and your health in decline, can you really hope to enjoy your success?

Just like day and night, rest balances work. A strong rest ethic is all about securing your own oxygen mask first and taking care of yourself. Sound selfish? It’s not. A strong rest ethic offers you better health, more time to understand and pursue what you truly value, and a healthier, relationship with work, so that you can better meet the never-ending demands on your time and energy. We can all experience this balance, not by detracting from our work ethic but by including a strong rest ethic.



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