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Chiropractic Care

Gentle Care, Thorough Healing

As your Stratford chiropractor, Dr. Orr’s job is to identify a subluxation (misalignment in your spine) to remove interference between the brain and the body. Through natural, gentle chiropractic care, many people experience a reduction in pain and conditions they may not have linked back to their spinal health.

Activator Methods(R) Expertise

Activator Method

Dr. Orr will deliver a specific adjustment using the Activator Method.

Dr. Orr has mastered the Activator Methods(R) technique, now serving as a clinical instructor for the technique for over six years. He exclusively uses this gentle, instrument technique to provide a precise and comfortable adjustment. He focuses on one adjusting style as he values mastering the skill of this specific adjustment.

We make adjustments light-hearted and as comfortable as possible. “I joke with my patients that it will feel like I’m stapling their clothes on, without the staples.” The Activator Methods(R) technique is ideal for those apprehensive about manual adjustments that most chiropractors use. Patients love this gentle and effective technique that is perfectly safe for every age.

Let the Results Speak

With over a decade of experience using this technique, we’ve seen incredible results helping with a variety of conditions. We’d love to talk with you about some of our favorite stories of healing, and demonstrate how this gentle instrument can help you get better. Contact us today to get started.

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